Emma Grace | In-Hospital Newborn | Mercy Hospital


She's Here!

Mariesa messaged me on Tuesday evening to announce the arrival of her beautiful new babygirl.

Emma Grace: 7lbs 13oz, 12:01pm, June 6th, 2017

I arrived at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo the next day to photograph this brand new family. I was honored to meet Emma's dad, DeAndre. Their hospital room was full of smiles and excited energy. Mom was beaming the entire time.

When the nurse took Emma for a bit to run some routine tests I was able to relax and catch up with Mariesa and DeAndre. They are the sweetest, I felt right at home.

Thank you Emma, Mom + Dad for inviting me to spend time with you on your first full day as a new family!

I cant wait to see Emma grow and the friendships that will form with all her new little cousins.

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