Kelsey | Fitness Session | Buffalo, NY

Kelsey drove into Buffalo, NY from Rochester for her summer fitness photoshoot with fitness photographer Kelsey Schork.

When Kelsey contacted me, she mentioned that she's not a fitness model or a bodybuilder. I know right... she looks like a model! I was so excited because this is exactly why I love my job.

Kelsey didn't need a reason to have a photo shoot. Fitness photo shoots are for everyone, any reason.

It's time to celebrate a healthy body and lifestyle, no strings attached, no fear of being judged.

Kelsey is a reminder to love ourselves, inspiration to start a healthy lifestyle + take pride in all our hard work.

Kelsey, thank you for driving up to Buffalo from Rochester and trusting me to create these images for you.

You Killed it!

View her behind the scenes video below:

We're excited to release Kelsey's behind the scenes video! She is such a beautiful, strong and intelligent woman. Kelsey is officially starting the next phase of her career as a nurse practitioner! Congratulations girl, all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.